About Me

Hello.  My name is Norman.  Welcome to my little shop.

A few years ago, after a very long hiatus, some friends convinced me to start playing tabletop role playing games again.  I had a great time, and started hosting games for my family.

I bought some books, some miniatures, and some dice.  To keep things organized, and to help my family stay immersed in the game, I sketched out a couple of maps.  They were quick and dirty, but I wanted them to be better.  Before I knew it, I had drawn a whole bunch of maps, and was having a lot of fun doing it.  Campaign maps, town maps, dungeon maps, and cave maps were filling my sketchbooks.

Something was still missing.  I wanted more atmosphere.  One wrong turn on YouTube, and I found myself crafting dungeon tiles, terrain, scatter, props...

Then came the 3D printer.  Oh boy!

The ideas just kept coming, and still do.  And I kept creating, printing, making, and drawing.

I was watching this world take shape around me.

But it takes time and patience - both precious resources.

Maybe you are a Game Master with a lot of ideas, and a vision for your world.  Maybe you want to show your world to your players outside the theatre of the mind, but you find yourself short of time.  Perhaps you find drawing and crafting too daunting, or you think you aren't talented enough (but you are, I promise you).  It could be you are looking for someone who can put paint to foam, or pencil to paper, to bring forth your dreamland of adventure.

I'd like to be that person for you.

Whether it be with pre-drawn maps (coming soon), pre-made terrain, or a custom collaboration, your world can come to life on your table top.

Let's define the borders of your realm, together.

I'm based in Calgary, Alberta.  So, if you live locally, reach out to me.  I'm very interested in finding out what the local community is lacking.  I encourage you to check out your local game shops - always support local business.  But if they don't have what you need, give me a shout.  I'd be happy to help your vision take shape.