Outpost Dispatches

Pictures of some of my work being used by my wonderful clientele.

UDT in use.  You can just see one of my doors in the upper right.
Dungeon/Castle UDT in play.  One of our doors just visible in upper right.
A better view of one of my doors being used in play with one of my Dungeon/Castle pizzas.
A better view of one of our doors in play on a dungeon pizza.
An encounter on the frozen waste.
Ice giant skeletons attack the noble party!
Battle from the high ground.
Exploring the icy cave.
Adapted from the map by Mike Schely and the artwork of Joy Ang, from Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland.  Hand drawn enlargement for a client for home display.
Hand-drawn enlargement of Pyrrhia by Mike Schely, with adaptations of artwork by Joy Ang.

Another UDT in play in Manitoba, with D and party.