Beyond Borders

"No artist is an island entire of itself; every one is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."

- adapted from John Donne

I've not created anything in a vacuum.  I've been influenced by many others before me, many of whom I have the good fortune to call friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to connect you to them, and their amazing work.  Please enjoy exploring their worlds.

I'm not compensated for these words in any way, save for the genuine pleasure it brings me to be the hype man for my talented friends.


Dakota Alexander at Drums of the Serpent is a dear friend, and relentless inspiration to me - both artistically, and as a human being.  I am in awe of his work, and I dare say that you will be, too.  I feel his best works are his Ukiyo-e comic book illustrations, but that's only the start of his enormous talent and colossal output.

David "Chalkmaster Dave" Johnston's work first blew me away as a poor university student, wandering around Toronto, attempting to be a photographer.  His sidewalk chalk drawings immediately grabbed my eye.  They added a masterful beauty to the often grimy and ugly walkways of Yonge Street.  Every time I found myself in the downtown core, weather allowing, I'd keep my eyes open for a new Chalkmaster Dave piece.  I was rarely disappointed (by an absence, not by the work, of course).

Years later, through Facebook, I was able to connect with him, and tell him how much joy his work brought me.  We've formed a digital friendship that humbles me.  Though I was never flush enough to tip him what his work deserved, I hope that this measure can, in some small way, compensate him for all he gave me unknowingly.  Please check out his beautiful paintings and sidewalk chalk.

Kate and Andy at Resolute Strength Wear were instrumental in giving me the courage and push to get this damned thing up and running already.  So, if you're a nerd who also wants to bulk up and get all barbarian swole, let them hook you up with everything from equipment, to apparel, and, my favourite, Grip Jizz.
Kate does the lovely graphic design you see on all their work, as well as at her own t-shirt graphics company, The Shirt and Curlies.  Both are lovely people, and this wouldn't be here without their encouragement.

Tracey Vega worked with me at the Call-Center-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.  This adorable, then, kid was bubbling over with energy and ideas.  She wanted to be an artist and go to Japan.  I told her, "do it, then."  And, while I don't think she's hopped over to my beloved East Asian island nation, she has gone on to be a very talented and hard-working artist.  It has been not only fun to watch her make it happen, but also motivating.  It helped get me off my ass and walk the talk.  Tracey walks the talk like a boss.  You can check out her work at Clawsome Creations.

Elijah Buenaventura is a colleague, friend, and fellow photographer.  He's more talented than I am, and has a passion as big as his heart.  If you are into the DJ scene, skating, tattoos, and fast cars, I encourage you to check out his work on Instagram.


Should you find yourself in Welland, Ontario, take a moment to stop in at The Wargaming BunkerJohn is a lovely human being who may even offer to take you on a tour of the gaming rooms, and the YouTube studio if you're extra fortunate.  He'll chat about all things bright and nerd-iful, while never missing a beat taking care of his customers.  He has a clear passion for the hobby world, and big plans to make it a mecca for gaming in the Niagara Region.  Every time I'm in the area, a visit to The Wargaming Bunker will be at the top of my list, and I think it should be at the top of yours, too.


I went to high-school with Sheryl Boivin, out in Podunk, Ontario.  She was an amazing artist and inspiration then, and has only continued to improve with time.  Check out her work, buy her work, share her work.


Would you like to get some great board games, in a place where you can play them?  Or some Tabletop RPG games and accessories, and playing at your place isn't an option?  Under The Mountain Games provides you that.  And they sell snacks and drinks on site as well.

Jeremy offers a wide selection of board games, card games, rpgs, and ephemera, with his selection regularly increasing.  His enthusiasm for gaming is evident, and makes a visit to his shop more enjoyable for it.


Many years ago, I worked with a fellow artist at a Scarborough Pool Hall.  Since those long-gone, cheese-loving days, AJ has become one of the people I admire most in life - for her artistic talent, her spirit, her strength, and her character.

I think all those qualities that I admire in her are on full display in her works, which you should absolutely check out at Moonchild Creative.  Take a moment to enjoy her art, and definitely buy some, or commission some.  You'll be bringing true, lasting beauty into your life.


There will be frequent updates here.  Please keep checking back for more.  But more importantly, check out their work.