Collection: Miniatures

3D printed miniature PCs, NPCs, and monsters.

All of our 3D prints come washed and cleaned.  There will be marks from the support systems, such as pocks or scratches.  While we do make every effort to clean away all support structures, there may be a few missed that linger.

Our 3D printed items come unprimed and unpainted.  We recommend that you at least prime them once they are delivered, if you don't plan to paint for a while.  Keeping them out of direct sunlight while unprimed will also lengthen the lifespan of your product.

All our miniatures are printed without bases, giving you the flexibility to place them anywhere you desire - excepting only those that have integral bases.  Specialized bases that are available with a model may be purchases with the model as a variant, but those bases are printed as separate pieces.

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