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NG Lennox O/A Borders of the Realm

Candelabras Collection (Small)

Candelabras Collection (Small)

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Your party enters a room with every flat surface covered in lit candles in small candelabras, or on plates.  So many candles in fact, that the room is quite a lot warmer than the corridor you've just come from.  But despite all the light, there are still a lot of flickering shadows, that don't quite seem to move as expected.

Candelabras come on the sprue for easier painting.  Paint them up, then snip them off.

Candelabra small by Pellinor1 on Thingiverse:




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Care Instructions

Do not eat.

3D printed miniatures should be primed right away to prevent brittleness. If you cannot prime, store out of direct sunlight.

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