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Borders of The Realm

Cave Scatter Starter Sets

Cave Scatter Starter Sets

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Is your cave looking a little too much like a dance hall?  Big and empty, flat and boring?  Change that with a round elevated plateau, and some stalagmites.  Nothing makes for better cave combat than seizing the high ground, or hiding behind ancient mineral deposits.

This set includes:

1 x 8"x1" Rocky Stone Plateau
1 x Small Stalagmite
1 x Medium Stalagmite
1 x Stalagmite Stalactite Column
1 x Stalagmite Stalactite Pipe Organ


UDT and miniatures pictured are for illustrative purposes only, and are not included.

Miniatures from Reaper, Wiz Kids, and Epic Miniatures, and others are not for sale, and are intended for scale only.


XPS Foam


Shipping by Canada Post


Care Instructions

Do not eat.

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