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NG Lennox O/A Borders of the Realm

Dungeon/Castle Tile, Plain, 2" x 3"

Dungeon/Castle Tile, Plain, 2" x 3"

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Through the door, Magnus the Tortoise finds himself in a small storage room, filled floor to ceiling with what appear to be barrels of beer.

"Stay back!", he shouts back through the door, while closing it.  "I'll take care of this!  This is a dwarf matter.  My honour will brook no interference," he says, hoping nobody saw over his head.  Rubbing his hands together, Magnus prepares for a mighty battle to drain as much of the liquid gold as possible.

Tiles are the simplest way to layout, and reveal the dungeon to your players.  Mix and match them to make any size rooms for exploration.

Plain dual-sided dungeon tile.  Random textures, cracks, and colours.


XPS Foam


Shipping by Canada Post


Care Instructions

Do not eat.

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