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NG Lennox O/A Borders of the Realm

High Wall, Stone, Thick, Fine

High Wall, Stone, Thick, Fine

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Sometimes you just need to take the action up higher.  These higher stone walls provide that.  Thick enough for a miniature to  stand on.

Available in a range of lengths.  Random textures, cracks, and colours.

Set 14 includes:
4 x 2"x2"x1" walls
4 x 3"x2"x1" walls
2 x 6"x2"x1" walls
2 x 9"x2"x1" walls
2 x 12"x2"x1" walls

Miniatures from Reaper, Wiz Kids, and Epic Miniatures, and others are not for sale, and are intended for scale only.


XPS Foam


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Care Instructions

Do not eat.

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