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NG Lennox O/A Borders of the Realm

Human Skull Piles Collection

Human Skull Piles Collection

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"Uh, guys.  You see that pile of skulls?  Yeah, that's a message, right?  It says, in big letters, 'Go away!'  And I'm reading that message loud and clear.  So, we're going back now, right?"

"Do ye want te live forever, Gimble?"

"Um... yes!  Yes, I do."

Skull Pile - 28mm Scale by nastyninjabear on Thingiverse:

Pile of Skulls by mz4250 on Thingiverse:




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Care Instructions

Do not eat.

3D printed miniatures should be primed right away to prevent brittleness. If you cannot prime, store out of direct sunlight.

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