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NG Lennox O/A Borders of the Realm

Old Tombstones Collection

Old Tombstones Collection

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 Evil emanates from the very ground of this decaying boneyard.  Is that fog, or something moving in fog?  Or is it the fog itself, moving, crawling, clawing its way towards the party...?
Perhaps it's best not to disturb the dead today.

Set 1 includes 3 each of Tombstones 1 - 5.
Set 2 includes 3 each of Tombstones 6 - 10.
Set 3 includes 3 each of Tombstones 1 - 10.

Tombstones come unpainted.  Painted models are for illustrative purposes only.


Old Tombstone Variations - D&D Scatter by zachfejes on Thingiverse:

Miniatures from Reaper, Wiz Kids, and Epic Miniatures, and others are not for sale, and are intended for scale only.




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Care Instructions

Do not eat.

3D printed miniatures should be primed right away to prevent brittleness. If you cannot prime, store out of direct sunlight.

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