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NG Lennox O/A Borders of the Realm

Spiders Collection

Spiders Collection

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The wizard tears through the caves, seeking the safety of the light his party left days earlier.  The rest of them are probably dead now - ambushed by knives and teeth in the dark.  He feels the clinging pull of the webs he runs through blindly.  He doesn't, however, feel the colourful pack of travelers he's picked up, and who walk slowly up his back towards his exposed neck.

Spiders come on the sprue for easier painting.  Paint them up, then snip them off.

Spiders by Pellinor1 on Thingiverse:




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Care Instructions

Do not eat.

3D printed miniatures should be primed right away to prevent brittleness. If you cannot prime, store out of direct sunlight.

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