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Borders of The Realm

Wooden Floor for UDT, 8"x1/8"

Wooden Floor for UDT, 8"x1/8"

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"Come in, come in!  Welcome to The Rogered Hedgehog, the finest tap house on The Sword Coast"

"Welcome, good travelers, to Elmar's Provisions."

Have you wandered into an inn, to meet your party?  Are you looking for a new sword?  Does your wizard need a new spell book?  Are you in a relative's home for the night?

The wooden floor can be any building in town.

Miniatures and UDT not included.

Miniatures from Reaper, Wiz Kids, and Epic Miniatures, and others are not for sale, and are intended for scale only.


XPS Foam


Shipping by Canada Post


Care Instructions

Do not eat.

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